A note about writing Carlos Vega (The Director and Don Juan, The Story Sisters #2)

19225040_10155288914074976_6249290808246869397_nA lot of ARCs of THE DIRECTOR AND DON JUAN are going out today, and – per usual – I’m a mix of very excited and very hopeful. I’m excited for some of my readers to get an early jump on Alice and Carlos…I’m hopeful that they love this couple as much as I do.

One thing I did want to share…

I am not Latino. Though I have lived in Mexico (Colima) and Bolivia (Cochabamba) and traveled extensively in the Caribbean and South America, I am not ethnically Latino.

But I want to assure you all that I went to great lengths to make the character of Carlos Vega as accurate as possible. I never want for my characters to be caricatures; I want them to feel real. And the only way to make a Puerto Rican person feel real on paper is to ask for help from real live Puerto Rican people.

To my cultural and language team who read this book in its earliest stages and again before publication, graciously offering suggestions for making Carlos as genuine as possible, I am humbled by your dedicated and generous help. Wilmari Carrasquillo-Delgado, Veronica Del Valle, Linda Vega and Jennifer Nieves, muchas gracias por su ayuda. I could not have written this book without your kind help.

I hope the world falls madly in love with the scorching hot macho Boricua man we’ve created together! ️PRMan


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