Dark Sexy Knight (inspired by “Camelot”)




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From New York Times bestseller Katy Regnery comes another timeless tale of love everlasting!

Loosely inspired by the legend of Camelot, Dark Sexy Knight tells the story of dinner theater knight Colt Lane, who meets down-on-her-luck Verity Gwynn on the worst day of her life. Evicted from their home, Verity and her special-needs brother, Ryan, must find jobs or risk being separated. Colt, who is the furthest-possible thing from a white knight in real life, comes to their unlikely rescue, quickly cementing his place in Verity’s heart.

Colt has dark, deeply buried secrets that keep his smile hidden and his eyes down, which has kept people away . . . until he meets Verity, who seems immune to his gruff manners and taciturn ways. The more time Colt spends with her, the more he longs for her sweetness in his life and yearns to be the knight in shining armor she so desperately needs. Certain he will lose her if she learns the truth about his past, he must decide if he can trust her with his yesterday in order to build a beautiful tomorrow.

**Contemporary Romance. Due to profanity, mild violence and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**


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All books in Katy Regnery’s a m o d e r n f a i r y t a l e collection are also written as fundraisers.

Prospector exteriorIn June and July 2016, 25% of the proceeds raised from the e-book sales of Dark Sexy Knight will benefit The Prospector Theater of Ridgefield, CT, a non-profit organization that offers job assistance and a work-study program to developmentally disabled adults.

From Katy Regnery’s letter to her fans at the back of Dark Sexy Knight:

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading my latest fairytale, Dark Sexy Knight. I hope you loved reading Verity and Colt’s story as much as I loved writing it.

As the sister of a special needs person, this story is much closer to my heart than many of the other books I’ve written. There was so much of me poured into Verity and so much of my brother in my renderings of Ryan and Melody. The worried looks. The eyes that search mine with trust, hoping for answers or protection, and knowing that I am a safe place in a massive, often indecipherable, world. I have known the joy of witnessing his boundless kindness. I have been humbled by his struggles and deeply proud of the way he tries harder at life than anyone else I’ve ever known.

I have also had a lifetime, front-row seat to the incredibly painful reality of cruelty and discrimination against special needs people. I have seen my beloved brother treated with such fantastic unkindness if would make your breath catch in awe and your heart clench with profound sorrow. I have countless, heartbreaking stories that witness my brother’s mistreatment by those who were never exposed to special needs people in such a way that their differences could be celebrated rather than feared or ridiculed.

For this reason more than any other, I am proud to give 25% of the net profits (for all sales in June and July 2016) of Dark Sexy Knight to the Prospector Theater of Ridgefield, CT.

The Prospector Theater is a new model of social enterprise. It pairs a first-run, commercial movie theater with the mission of training and employing adults with disabilities. It’s a not-for-profit system, with the competitiveness and transparency of a for-profit business model. It shows how community groups, businesses, and people in the private sector – working together – can improve the quality of lives for those with disabilities, while lessening the financial burden on the government and helping boost employment rates.

To learn more about the Prospector Theater, please visit: http://www.prospectortheater.org/


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