Ginger’s Heart (inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood”)


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“I finished Ginger’s Heart last night, and I am completely and utterly in love.” –Mia Sheridan, NY Times bestselling author 

From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery, a modern-day fairytale about the many faces of love.

Once upon a time there were two cousins: 
one golden like the sun, 
one dark like midnight, 
one a protector, 
one a predator, 
one a Woodsman 
one a Wolf… 
both owning equal, 
but different, 
parts of a little girl’s heart. 

In this contemporary love story, loosely inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood,” the woodsman and the wolf are cousins, and Little Red is the girl with whom they both fall in love.

Beautiful Ginger McHuid, daughter of Kentucky’s premiere horse breeder, grows up on her family farm, best friends with Cain Wolfram, the son of her father’s Stallion Manager, and Cain’s cousin, Josiah Woodman, son of a local banker. Throughout their happy childhood, the three are inseparable friends, but as they mature into adults, complicated feelings threaten to destroy their long history of friendship and love.

**Due to profanity  and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

All novels in the ~a modern fairytale~ collection are written as fundraisers.


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All books in Katy Regnery’s   a   m o d e r n   f a i r y t a l e   collection are also written as fundraisers.

RFDIn March and April 2016, 25% of the net proceeds raised from the e-book sales of Ginger’s Heart will benefit the Ridgefield Fire Department in Ridgefield, CT.

A note from Katy:

From my earliest days of plotting Ginger’s Heart, I had always intended that my heroes, Woodman and Cain, enter the U.S. Navy, and the choice to make them Damage Controlsmen (DC) came from the belief that it was one of the many naval careers that could segue organically into small-town employment at a local fire department. Every small town has a local fire department, right? Right.

One day in December 2015, as I was researching Damage Controlsmen on the internet, I came across the story of Nathan Bruckenthal. Bruckenthal, who served as a DC in the U.S. Coast Guard, died in the Persian Gulf in 2004, and was the first U.S. casualty of the War in Iraq. When he was killed, Bruckenthal was finishing his second tour in Iraq, looking forward to returning home to his pregnant wife and meeting his first child. Tragically, he was deprived of that homecoming.

As I opened up another web page on Bruckenthal, I was shocked to learn that he actually (cue wide eyes and loud gasp) grew up in my home town of Ridgefield, CT, graduated from Ridgefield High School and served for two years in our local fire department. It was a breath-catching surprise to learn that the man I was researching had served not only in our U.S. military, but in the town that I love and call home.

In honor of Nathan Bruckenthal’s sacrifice, and in profound thanks for his service, both at home and abroad, I am proud to announce that 25% of the net profits of e-book sales of Ginger’s Heart will be donated to the Ridgefield, CT Volunteer Fire Department for all sales in March and April 2016.


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