How hot is my new hero?

How hot is Carlos Vega, the new hero of my upcoming book, THE DIRECTOR AND DON JUAN?
You tell me, girls. You tell me.
DonJuanEbookCover(Excerpt from THE DIRECTOR AND DON JUAN by Katy Regnery. All rights reserved.)
He sped up a little, and she slowed down as he approached, shooting him a grin. “You holding up okay?”
“Yeah,” he answered, wiping the sweat off his upper lip. “You’re a machine.”
She glanced at him. “I stay in shape.”
“For the record? Your ass beats Ana María’s any day and twice on Sunday.”
“Is that right?”
“That is one hundred percent a fact, mami.”
“It’s slang. Like, sarcastic, truth-slang.”
“So you’re not really calling me mommy.”
“Alice, when I call you “baby” later, it won’t have nothin’ to do with seein’ you as a child either.”
“Are you going to call me baby?” she asked.
He nodded. “Hell, yes.”
“When would that be?”
“When you’re lyin’ beneath me…baby.”
Her neck jerked and she faced him with wide eyes. “Whoa. You just went there.”
“I been there, mami. Just waitin’ for you to come join me.”
Everyone needs a super sexy Latino man in their life, am I right? I am. (You know I am.)TDADJ_PreOrder
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