Katy Reads Aloud from UNLOVED ~ Podcast Episode 1.1

UNLOVED_Audio_1600x1600Hi, everyone!!

I have had the most AMAZING feedback from readers when I do “read-alouds” from my books on social media…so I thought that maybe I’d read-aloud from UNLOVED, a love story once a week if any of you are interested in hearing the words the way I heard them in my head as I was writing! I’ll be recording from my daughter Callie’s closet (it’s carpeted and small so the sound quality should be good) and I’m hoping to record a new “episode” every weekend.

I hope you won’t consider this a replacement for buying the book and reading it. (That would actually make me really sad…please buy the book even if you’re listening!)

***Please be sure to leave feedback below if you want me to keep going!!***

Without further ado…UNLOVED, a love story ~ Prologue:


I won’t be back again until next weekend, so if you want to know what happens, you can grab UNLOVED, a love story now —–>

~Apple iTunes: http://ow.ly/M2Ub30dJORp
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~Paperback (unsigned): http://ow.ly/wgNm30fIoiJ
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