Katy’s Ladies (Official Street Team!)

katys-ladiesWelcome to Katy’s Ladies!!

Are you a romance blogger or romance reader?

Have you just read one of Katy’s books and want to tell everyone how much you enjoyed it?

Want to get sneak peeks into upcoming books, the first looks at covers, and all the inside scoop?

How about Katy-time, Q&A and fan-fun in a closed Facebook group?

Then sign up for Katy’s Ladies, the official Street Team of Katy Regnery!

As an exclusive member of Katy’s team…

You’ll be invited to join a private, invitation-only Facebook group with a limited number of other Katy Regnery fans! Oooo! :)

  • Access to exclusive giveaways and prizes (early-ARCs, giveaway e-copies to share, swag, gift cards, and more)
  • The possibility of being named in the Acknowledgements of Katy’s upcoming books
  • The possibility of naming a character, pet, business or location in one of Katy’s books
  • Sneak peeks into future Katy Regnery books and snippets from her works-in-progress
  • Personal interaction with Katy in a small group setting
  • And tons of F-U-N!

I have to share with you: me being a writer means nothing unless you are reading. YOU. Yeah, you! And the whole point of a street team is to share that love with friends and family, too! That’s really and truly what a street team is all about. Some ideas?

Write a review for my upcoming books and post it to Amazon and GoodReads (most of you already do that for me, bless your hearts!), retweet good reviews, stop by blog sites when I’m on tour, spread the word about my books, talk about the book online, share buy-links for my books, share favorite quotes and dream casts (so FUN!!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the friends and fans I have met on Twitter and Facebook totally and completely rock my world! I am constantly amazed, delighted and thrilled by all the support I receive from the best fans on earth. SO! What do say? Want to be one of Katy’s Ladies?

How to Sign Up:

It’s so easy, you won’t believe it! Just head over to Facebook via this link .. KATY’S LADIES LINK .. and ask to join! I will take care of the rest!