The Blueberry Lane Series: Q&A and Reading Order

Q&A about the Blueberry Lane Series

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Q: Can the books in the Blueberry Lane series be read as standalones? TEB - The Blueberry Lane Series

A: The short answer is yes. All of the books are individual love stories with a beginning, middle and end, no cliffhangers, and no plot reliance on previous books. Also, each sub-series (The English Brothers, The Winslow Brothers, The Rousseaus, and The Story Sisters) can be read as individual sub-series. In other words, while each book has its own arc, so do each of the four sub-series: you don’t have to read the six English Brothers books to enjoy the four Winslow Brothers books. But it’s also true that I started building the world of Blueberry Lane with the very first book, Breaking Up With Barrett. So, even though it isn’t really necessary, you will get the most from the books by starting at the very beginning.

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Q: I want to skip Kiss Me Kate because Etienne is such a jerk in other books. What are your thoughts?

A: Don’t skip it. It’s a reader favorite, and I promise you – 100% beyond any shadow of doubt – that Etienne is thoroughly redeemed.

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Q: How many books are you planning to write in this series?

A: The honest answer? I don’t know. LOL!

I stopped the series at sixteen books because I didn’t think it was selling, but readers were so sad, I decided to add a holiday novella. If the novella does well, who knows? Maybe I’ll add some more books! At this point, anything is possible!!

Q: When will the books be offered in audio version?

A: Right now, Breaking Up With Barrett, Falling for Fitz, Anyone but Alex and Seduced by Stratton (Books #1-4 in The English Brothers series) are available on Audible, in addition to the four Winslow Brothers books: Bidding on Brooks, Proposing to Preston, Crazy about Cameron and Campaigning for Christopher. I have no plans to put the other eight Blueberry Lane books on audiobook at this time.

Q: What about paperback copies of the books? I prefer paper.

A: I signed a print-only deal with Spencerhill Press in 2016 for The Englishes, Winslows and Rousseaus! So now, in addition to being able to purchase them on-line, you should be able to find them at your local bookstore too! And you can get all of the books (including the Story Sisters!) from Amazon anytime you want.

Q: I loved Libitz from Kiss Me Kate. Will we see her again?

A: Yes! She is J.C. Rousseau’s love interest in J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis!

CountdownToMidnightEbookCoverQ: I thought this series was dead after the Story Sisters…but now I’m noticing a holiday novella? Is it dead or not?!

A: It was dead. I promise!! But my readers were so sad about my killing the series, that I decided to resurrect it with a new holiday novella. If it sells well, sure, I may be amenable to continuing. I’d LOVE to write the Ambler and Atwell stories, but only if my readers are buying the books!


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Reading Order Book Title Sub-Series Blueberry Lane Series Publication Date
1 Breaking Up With Barrett The English Brothers, 1 The Blueberry Lane Series, 1 Available now
2 Falling for Fitz The English Brothers, 2 The Blueberry Lane Series, 2 Available now
3 Anyone but Alex The English Brothers, 3 (First introduction to the Winslow Brothers) The Blueberry Lane Series, 3 Available now
4 Seduced by Stratton The English Brothers, 4 The Blueberry Lane Series, 4 Available now
5 Wild about Weston The English Brothers, 5 The Blueberry Lane Series, 5 Available now
6 Kiss Me Kate The English Brothers, 6 (First introduction to the Rousseaus) The Blueberry Lane Series, 6 Available now
7 Marrying Mr. English The English Brothers, 7 The Blueberry Lane Series, 7 Available now
8 Bidding on Brooks The Winslow Brothers, 1 The Blueberry Lane Series, 8 Available now
9 Proposing to Preston The Winslow Brothers, 2 The Blueberry Lane Series, 9 Available now
10 Crazy about Cameron The Winslow Brothers, 3 (First introduction to the Story Sisters) The Blueberry Lane Series, 10 Available now
11 Campaigning for Christopher The Winslow Brothers, 4 The Blueberry Lane Series, 11 Available now
12 Jonquils for Jax The Rousseaus, 1 The Blueberry Lane Series, 12 Available now
13 Marry Me Mad The Rousseaus, 2 (First introduction to the Amblers) The Blueberry Lane Series, 13 Available now
14 J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis The Rousseaus, 3 The Blueberry Lane Series, 14 Available now
15 The Bohemian and the Businessman The Story Sisters, 1 The Blueberry Lane Series, 15 Available now
16 The Director and Don Juan The Story Sisters, 2 The Blueberry Lane Series, 16 Available now
 17  Countdown to Midnight, a Story Sisters novella  The Story Sisters, 3 (First introduction to the Atwells)  The Blueberry Lane Series, 17  Forthcoming