The Blueberry Lane Series


To be honest? I had these books planned for a 20-book series from the start. When I built the world of the English Brothers, I included four other families on Blueberry Lane: the Winslows, the Rousseaus, the Storys and the Amblers. The wildcard was…I had no idea if the English Brothers would catch on. If they didn’t, the other 15 stories would never have been written…

Turns out they did.

TEB - The Blueberry Lane Series

I am so excited to keep writing The Blueberry Lane Series…and can’t wait for you to meet all of the families who live there, including…

The English Family: Barrett, Fitz, Alex, Stratton, Weston, Kate, Tom & Eleanora (to purchase the 4-book English Brothers boxed set on Amazon, click HERE)

The Winslow Family: Brooks, Preston, Cameron, Christopher & Jessica

The Rousseau Family: Jean-Christian (J.C.), Etienne (Ten), Jacqueline (Jax) & Madeleine (Mad)

The Story Family: Alice, Margaret, Elizabeth, Priscilla & Jane

The Ambler Family: Bree, Dash, Cort & Sloane

A new addition to the World of Blueberry Lane!! The Atwell Brothers from Boston!!

The Atwell Family: Amity, Concord, Merit, Ever, Ransom & Reason


The English Brothers – 2014
The Winslow Brothers – 2015
The Rousseaus – 2016
The Story Sisters – 2017
The Amblers – 2018
The Atwell Brothers – 2019

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